Monday, July 20, 2015

Unshakeable Chapter 15

Hello all! I hope you have been enjoying our book study so far...I know that I have! It's been the perfect way to slowly think about school, and learn how to enjoy teaching more than I already do!
Chapter 15 is about motivating students to take charge of their learning. 

I think that this chapter was meant for me...I am ashamed to say! I am a control freak...I like everything clean, organized, and everyone on task. I know I'm crazy! I teach until all lightbulbs are on before I let them work on their own. I have found that I need to let my students become more independent. I know I struggle with it...but hey I'm working on it! 

This chapter really resonated with me, often I find myself going through the motions. Every Friday spelling and reading tests. hour in front of the classroom just assessing...boring! I know my munchkins would NOT be doing this assignment if I didn't tell them they had to. 

The Big Question: What are you doing in your classroom now that you could turn over to your students to do for themselves?

Last year I fell into a rut with homework. I wasn't getting anything turned in, and my kids hated doing it. Honestly, I hated making it! I was so aggravated as I knew they needed the practice. I really had no idea what to do. I was browsing Teachers Pay Teachers and nothing really popped to me, that would work for my class that year. Everything was copies on copies, which was a battle in itself to fight for the copier on Monday's. I found an idea of a spelling menu on a Pinterest, which led me to a blog. I honestly, for the life of me, can't remember who's it was! I made empty boxes for the month, and had my students fill them in on what they wanted to do for homework. There were about 20 or so boxes, and each night they had to color a box, once they did that homework assignment.


Yes, you read that right. every. single. student. brought in their homework. Why hadn't I thought of this before? Why was I always so scared to ask my kids about their homework? Why don't I ask them to help me out? Why am I not letting them take charge of their learning more?

I was in shock, but I realized that the momma bird in me, needed to let my students fly. From that day on I have asked my students for their input so much more. We would research together, they would collaborate with one another more, and they would teach their classmates. My class became so much more student- directed which was fabulous. The one regret was not letting go sooner. Have faith in your students. Let them crash and fall, and pick them back up. Let them take charge in their own learning. 

Come back tomorrow for Chapter 16 :)

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  1. It is so hard to let go, but once you do it's very freeing and rewarding to see that the kids know what to do and have been listening.

  2. It is so hard to let go, but once you do it's very freeing and rewarding to see that the kids know what to do and have been listening.