Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Unshakeable Book Study Chapter 9

Chapter 9 of Unshakeable by Angela Watson

I know what you are thinking....another professional development book....I just don't have time! Believe me I know time is scarce, and we are soaking up our summer break. With everything going on I really have been seeing nothing but positive reviews about the Unshakeable book. I wanted to read it, and I saw on Instagram Jessica from Tale's of a First Grade Teacher wanted to do a book study. I was so in! Can I just start by saying how this book is REAL. There is no sugar coating what we go through as teachers, and Angela is giving us REAL ADVICE. 

Angela starts this chapter by addressing the struggle we as teachers go through. We are constantly being attacked in the media, we are trying to gain respect, and we always seem to be defending our knowledge. We are even sometimes measured by our students success. Let me just say that NO ONE can measure YOUR WORTH. We are constantly being told from officials to do this and that, here's more work to do, when I know they couldn't handle what I do everyday. Some days I can be negative, and hate everything about the system, but we need to remember that those days pass. What we do everyday is apart of something much greater.We need to PROVE to these officials and the world why we deserve to respected. We need to get creative with our lessons and show them how valuable we really are. Putting our passion into teaching will in turn create passion in students who will love learning.

How amazing is this quote? Thanks to the fabulous Blair Turner! Her website is on the image please make sure to check her page out! This quote resonates with me. I often put a lot of pressure on myself during observations, walk throughs, and test scores. Why do I put this pressure on myself? Do I want a pat on the back knowing that I'm doing a great job? While it is nice to be acknowledged no one knows what I do in my classroom for eight hours. I am the girl in charge for hours on end, and I know how much love I put into my lessons. I know how I spend hours on end planning my lessons. I know that I give my students love when they need it. I know that I wipe their tears when they seem to be having an off day. I know that I am battling with the tattletales and the ever increasing drama. All of this aside sometimes I want a pat on the back for doing what I do while on my way out the door, but we are often told what the next thing we need to do is. It often feels at times that I can't catch up, and that I feel like I need some recognition. What I need to do is take those thoughts away, and focus on what matters. My students give me the acknowledgement that I need, and I need to leave my classroom knowing I was there for my students that day. This quote is all that matters.

This chapter has hit so many things that I feel day to day. Some days I feel like I'm burnout, and falling short. Keeping the bigger picture in my mind is something that I need to strive to do. I need to remember how much I mean to those twenty-five little second graders, and be the best teacher I can possibly be for them. I need to give 100% every day, and define my own self worth. My self worth will not be subjected for others to tell me how valuable I am.

Here is some food for thought: How do you measure your success? How do you define your value? 

Join me tomorrow for Chapter 10!


  1. Hi brittany, I love how you summarized this chapter. I read it last night and was so empowered, as it sounds you were too. Thanks for doing this book study with me :)

    1. Thank you so much for letting me be apart of it! I am loving reading this book!