Monday, November 24, 2014

Fall Fun!

Is it just me or are we all ready for break? Break always comes at the time when we are in NEED of a few days off!My students and I have been having a lot of fun this month celebrating with some fall activities.

To start our month off my school celebrated Anti- Bullying Week. We wore orange for one day, and had strips of orange paper, writing ways how we will stop bullying. Each class had the opportunity to create a door display! My firsties and I took leaves that I printed, and wrote all the ways we would not be bullies. The kids had fun with this, and I think it was a great refresher on how we should fill each others buckets. We then made bugs, and wrote things that " bug us". I had some great parents who created this door. How great is it?! We won second place! YEAH!

You saw the outside of our classroom, and now here is the fun stuff! Pumpkins! The kids absolutely LOVED learning about pumpkins, they were amazed at how many things you can do with them. We did science experiments all week. Some things we did were: measuring them with our cube manipulatives, measured them with yarn,  saw if they could float or sink, and how estimating how many seeds were in them! Here is a picture of my students getting the seeds, and then grouping them in groups of ten. That way they were easy to count, and we were hitting first grade place value standards :)

Lastly to end pumpkin week we picked adjectives to describe our pumpkins. The students then had to create a pumpkin describing their adjective, and write about it. I have to say they were some pretty great stories. Here is my bulletin board from a few weeks ago. How great is this writing?!

Thanks for reading my post! Hope you have a relaxing break!

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